Discussion forum added to the Septics site

I got a good reception last week when I proposed the idea of creating a forum on septicscompanion.com where people could discuss all things British with like-minded souls. Well, instead of stripping wallpaper from the bathroom yesterday, I went ahead and created this forum. Hopefully it’ll become a handy hub for people to argue about the correct spelling of “socialise” or whether there are sixteen or twenty ounces in a pint. If it doesn’t then it will unfortunately validate some of the unkind words that the wife called me when she found out I hadn’t stripped the wallpaper in the bathroom.
Forum is at: http://septicscompanion.com/forum

Why am I telling you this? So that you can register now, and get the best usernames, of course! I haven’t publicised it really, so there are still a huge number of treasured first-name-only usernames left if you register soon.

Those of you who are Facebook fans will already have seen a similar update to this one. I didn’t have the energy to rewrite it.
Thoughts on forum setup/style much appreciated – I’m also very keen to find some way I can link it to the dictionary. Perhaps have threads devoted to the discussion of each word, or something?


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