Free books for Facebook fans!

The sun has arrived here in Seattle, and I spent some time out in it this evening. Why do you care? Well, the heady combination of that and the beer I just drank has driven me to introduce a scheme that cannot possibly do me any good at all.

Every month, I am going to give away a book to a Facebook fan chosen at random. The first random drawing will be this Saturday evening (July 10th). You have until then to become a fan, and you may get a free book! In fact this particular month it’s even better than that, because I’ll give away two books if the fan count is more than 1,000 when I do the drawing (it’s 988 right now).

Of course, if you become a fan after that, you might get a free book the following month. If you do not become a fan at all, you will probably not get a free book. The rules are quite simple. All you have to do is go to the Septic’s Companion Fan Page on Facebook and click “like” or “become a fan” or whatever Facebook have decided the button is this week. Good luck!


Free books for Facebook fans! — 1 Comment

  1. i hope i win a book—just love your sense of humor—i like everything British—the T V shows from there, the buildings, the history & tradition–everything—plus you’re kind of cute too-would you sign it for me if i win?

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