The Septic's Companion | British Slang Dictionary

A British slang dictionary with audio pronunciations


The Septic's Companion is an A-to-Zed dictionary of British Slang words and phrases, written by a Scotsman living in America. You may know it better by the title it had for the previous ten years, "The English-to-American Dictionary". The online dictionary is all free; the book contains all that and more riveting British stuff.


bubble and squeak (130)
piss-artist (48)
pikey (40)
nouse (36)
kickabout (35)
abseil (35)
conkers (30)
gubbins (29)

abseil (6 Dec)
easy peasy (6 Dec)
conkers (6 Dec)
gubbins (6 Dec)
nouse (6 Dec)
pins (26 Jun)
piss-artist (26 Jun)
kickabout (26 Jun)

I mentioned the book, right? It's a lot more portable than the website, so you can enjoy it in places your iPad won't go.