This list is in approximate favourite order, with my favourite current site first:

  • The Wonder of Whiffling – a rather charming investigation into unusual English words (blog and book)
  • Postcards From Across The Pond – Mike Harling’s excellent blog, the earlier posts from which are also a book of the same name
  • UK-Yankee – a fine general resource for any septics who’ve moved over to the British Isles
  • Ambrose Bierce’s legendary Devil’s Dictionary – fantastically funny and, thanks to its copyright expiring, now in the public domain
  • World Wide Words – Michael Quinion’s entertaining and comprehensive site devoted to the investigation of all things wordy
  • A dictionary of slang – some English slang and colloquialisms of the UK. I’d rather you don’t visit this site, actually, because it looks a damned sight better than mine
  • Mike Etherington’s English-to-American Dictionary – far be it from me to direct people to the opposition, but Mike’s a good bloke and (though it pains me to admit it) his dictionary’s quite a lot bigger than mine. It’s been published in book form, too
  • US2UK – a nicely laid out site that gives info on most of the differences between the US and the UK
  • The Harry Potter Lexicon – of late a lot of my readers have come via the Harry Potter series of books; this admirably content-heavy site contains more than most people would care to know about the subject

Okay, okay, don’t give me a hard time – I’m sure plenty more will be just around the corner. Perhaps now you’d like to return to the slightly more expansive dictionary main page or even my homepage.