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Radio interviews

Play audio September 5th 2009

I was interviewed on the September 5th 2009 edition of the radio programme Travel With Rick Steves. You can listen to episode from Rick's own web site, or just download my interview as an mp3. I don't get interviewed very often so this was great fun for me. The piece was actually recorded in March 2009 - they record most of the programme material during winter and spring so that Rick can spend the summer travelling around writing books.

Play audio November 14th 2009

Yes, do not adjust your sets. I was also interviewed on the November 14th 2009 programme. Personally I think this interview was a bit funnier. You can listen to the episode, or just download the mp3 of my interview.

Play audio December 11th 2009

A copy of my revolting work was sent to the Bear Crawling guys as a gift. You can listen to the whole show, or just the segment where they talked about the book, and the letter they got with it, and other things.

It goes without saying that I am available for weddings, barmitzfahs and any other type of media appearance. Get in touch with me via the contact form.