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The Book

What's in it?

You may not believe me when I say this book is very nice. That seems sensible. Why not read some reviews, and then believe me? Or just go with the fact that this tome is listed as a recommended reference in Rick Steves' Great Britain 2010. A reference, baby. Well, even Rick Steves makes mistakes.

The book has a little more content than this site. The dictionary part is all the same as it is here in a nice dictionary-style format (see a page). There are also several one-sided rants about a selection of topics:

The hyperlinked ones you can read here as PDFs. The whole book is around 130 pages, of which around 80 are the dictionary content from this site. You can actually read the whole thing using Amazon's Search Inside the Book feature. Not sure why anyone would buy it, really. Perhaps out of charity.