Search terms used by people to find my site. Yes, really

I was inspired yesterday by my friend Richard MacKinnon to go hunting for the search terms people have used to find my site. I use Google Analytics to monitor my site traffic, which provides a nice way of scrolling through these. Of course, most of them are pretty predictable – “british insults”, “british slang”, “british slang words” et cetera. What’s more interesting is where you scroll down to the searches that had only one single occurence.

Some of these were still looking for my site.

the septic’s guide
septic dictionary
septic mans dictionary
syptic companion

Some of them were looking for the right sort of thing, although perhaps they didn’t find it on my site.

what does the term love mean to british
[Lady, I think this means it was a one night stand.]
british euphemisms has your wooden leg fallen off
[Are you pulling my leg?]

Some people were just angry. About stuff.

why are americans such tosspots
are audio cable companies taking the piss

Some people needed help with something.

how to demo letter g?
[This is your seventh demo, right?]
derogatory chat up lines
[Hmm. Your mother told you this was a good idea?]
am i most likely to date a guy thats starts with the letter c
[Perhaps, but I’ve a sense it’s not me.]
c-h-r-i-s-t-m-a-s meaning in each letter
[Fact: Christmas started as an acronym.]
what do americans call faggotts
[Well, erm…]
I want to have a pear everyday is that ok
[Knock yourself out. Assuming you’re eating it, there are worse vices.]
what belt would faggot attic ed wear
[I’m going to a fancy dress party as Ed. Ed. You know Ed. No, not that Ed. Faggot Attic Ed.]

Some people were looking for… well, they were looking for something. Heaven knows what it was. I’d like to warn readers that this is where it’s going to start getting more colourful. If Faggot Attic Ed was too much for you, close this window now.

“fag snow fairy”
[For the person who’s tried everything on top of the tree.]
the bitterness of s.w.o.t. is in the analysis,while the sweetness of wedding cake is in the icing sugar.discuss
[The nonsequiteur seminar seemed to have started well.]
why do prostitutes eat ice cream
[Good question. And why is it that they wave when they see someone they recognise? Those crazy prostitutes.]
strung up by the tits tube
[YouTube for the sado masochist.]
is the word fucking religion an insult?
[That’s two words. And probably.]
colloquialism for nothing dick
[Yep, I’ve got ole’ nothing dick again.]
wanking with washing up liquid
[Not recommended. It says on the bottle that it softens your hands.]
wellington boots wanking 
[Unless these are children’s boots, you’re better endowed than I am.]
big fat black slaves hung by pantyhose
[There’s no such thing as an overly-specific fetish.]
animal words for willies and vaginas beaver
[If animals could talk, my bet would be that this was a likely topic.]
dog buggers the grandmother
[Not just any grandmother.]
russian or romany lady required as live in 4-sex shagg buy please apply if you can help
[I get a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart that some people didn’t end up with very accurate search results.]
how to get your wife to make sense and shag you
[Do you need these simultaneously?]
how to strangle your manky skanky daughters
[It’s just the same as strangling other people. Drop some search terms for better results.]
how to transport a naked girl into your house in two seconds 
[On wheels? Or teleport?]
if was going to shove veggies up my pussy i use a zucchini
[This is why nobody at the party understood! Those Brits call them aubergines!]

And finally, onto some personal favourites.

replica of chocolate cocks
[A real chocolate cock?! What do you take me for?]
arab womne looking like binbags
[Come on, admit it. We’ve all done this search after a few beers.]
quickest way to deflate boner at the beach
[My site is pretty much guaranteed to have provided some results.]
where can you fine scandinavian grope suit 
[Well, sir, they’re over here. What chest size are you. Oh – wait – *Scandinavian*?]
what do you call a system that really slows work flow in a company 

Ah yes. That would be the internet. Back to work, everyone.

7 thoughts on “Search terms used by people to find my site. Yes, really”

  1. Been away from these shores too long Chris, we call zucchine courgettes, we call eggplants aubergines.
    Oh, and very funny. I’m tempted to type some of these into google to see what else comes up – well not “dog buggers the grandmother” and definitely not google image search for that one

  2. Until now, I have avoided commenting on my own blog posts, and from editing articles after the fact. Even when people pointed out glaring errors, I’ve stayed away. Well, as the author of both a dictionary of British slang and a straightforward translation error, I feel I have to comment.

    I am sorry about this. I really am. Of course Ewan, and all the people on Facebook, and my wife are entirely correct. I did mean courgette. I won’t change the article, but let it be known that I am deeply sorry for my indiscretions, and I’d like to announce here that I will be taking an indefinite break from professional golf.

  3. Man, you make me laugh!!! “There’s no such thing as an overly specific fetish.”

    I don’t remember how I stumbled accross the English/American dictionary, but I certainly have had fun reading your blog!!!

  4. This gives me a renewed appreciation for both Chris’ deft wit and how hard poor Google slaves to help us all lead better lives, or at least feel like we’re leading better lives.

    I got here by a mundane (*yawn*) ‘British slang’ search. Now I feel all dull and unimaginative.

  5. Funny, yes. But none were funnier (in my opinion) as the one about the public restroom. Oh, and the shopping cart one. And…well, please just keep it up.

  6. I found your site while trying to figure out how people found mine! I love some of those… especially the uh, chocolate one and the zucchini one. It’s not just great to know what random terms people found a blog with, but also just some of the crazy crap they’re searching for! On that note, make sure Google Suggestion is on and start typing “Is it” – watch what comes up.

    I, too, wrote a post on search terms used to find me. Mine all deal with sexy women and wallpaper even though my site has NOTHING to do with either of those topics! It’s funny, too, because every other search term has to do with something I’ve blogged about. But then all of a sudden there are these random search terms.

    Anyway, thanks, it’s funny to see how people manage to find our blogs based off random irrelevant topics. And I thought Google was putting a stop to that… 😉

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