adj glum; long-faced: I bumped into Sheena in the newsagent this afternoon – she looked mighty po-faced about something. As well as being a useful word for people who want to win at Scrabble by memorising stupid goddamned two-letter words and then sitting there looking all smug about them even thought they don’t know what they mean, “Po” is an abbreviation for “chamber pot” (an old-fashioned bed-pan).

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  1. I shoulda guessed this one, since I’ve certainly met the “po” in British books before, but I confused po-FACED with the US black slang “po-mouth(ing)”/”poor-mouth(ing)”: telling your friends you don’t have the money to go out with them, in order to get them to pay for you.

    (And I’m sure there are MANY British terms for THAT behavior.) 😉


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