Pictures of funny things from my phone

Like any other mobile phone owner, I occasionally take photographs of things that I find amusing. Often, like other irritating pedants, these are linguistic mistakes. More often than not, they involve things in quotations. These just languish on my phone… when I get a new phone, I copy them to it, and then they languish there instead. Occasionally after a few beers I get into one of those “everyone show each other the funny pictures from their phone” sessions, which is the only time they get an outing. Well, not now. Now I’m giving them to the world!

And, well, here they all are. They’re from a mixture of countries and date back to 2000 or so. Perhaps I’ll start a brand new collection, and blog about that in 2020.

There’s cost cutting, and there’s cost cutting.

When autocorrect doesn’t help.
It’s like beer, but without the uncomfortable wetness.
The most important thing about goals is that they’re attainable.
Honesty is the best policy.

This never normally happens…
If you have to ask what’s in the grog, you don’t want the grog.
Sore cock? Try some nice wine.
When picking a web site URL, make sure it works in all variants of English.
A straightforward misunderstanding, I think.

For when you’ve had one of those days.
It’s like shooting fish in a barrel, but I still “love” it.
A bag for my paintbrush? Yeah, sure, I’ll take a bag. Oh.
45 days into the project, eight builders were fired.
Sure, you can cook. But can you name a restaurant?
Football scarves on sale on Basle, Switzerland. It’s not so much who you support…
It wasn’t so much a year as an emotion.

That’s all, folks. Get back to work.

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